Orde & Chaos

Print, artwork

594 × 420 mm (A2) / screen print


Vader des Vaderlands (Father of the Nation), is a contribution to the exhibition ‘Orde & Chaos (Order and Chaos)’ in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. The exhibition celebrates Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, who got beheaded on the 29th of may, 400 years ago. He still counts among the greatest statesmen in Dutch history, as the builder and founder of the Dutch state. He to played a strategic role, aside of the king, in which he managed to make the separated unions that existed into a unity. Vondel, a legendary Dutch poet, despised what happenend and wrote a critical poem about the beheading. A fragment can be found on the border of the print, in which strategy and history are weaved together. For sale → here.