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Les secrets de différents auteurs mis en amas pour l’utilité du public par Hermann Voirol


Transcription of a 19th century manuscript by Hermann Voirol (1775-1859), a pharmacist established in the Swiss village of Les Genevez, who collected notes and receipts to heal humans and animals. The author added a detailed introduction to the original text, as well as indexes allowing the reader to easily look for a symptom, a disease or a cure. 

With: Dimitri Jeannotat 
Contains: book
Size: 315 x 210
Material: offset print + foil
Year: 2018

Le Mini Who?


On the Move

The free day part of the music festival Le Guess Who? The thriving neighbourhood around the Voorstraat (Utrecht,NL), is transformed into a downtown festival. Unknown upcoming band play in local venues like shops and bars. This year the festival moved to another part of the city, which became the inspiration for identity for the festival. The map and the arrow as functional elements and as well as aesthetics. Signs designed together with and build by Triomf. Last photo by Sabrine Baakman.

Contains: posters, banners, program
(part of LeGuessWho? program)
Size: A6, A1, A2, A3
Material: offset print and digital print
Year: 2019


Between departure and arrival

Art publication for a group exhibition at Kulturstiftung Agathenburg (close to Hamburg). It includes 7 artists that show works related to transformation through urban and political space, making home, cultural identity and no-space.

Contains: publication
Size: 210 x 148
Material: digital printing
Year: 2017

China megalopolis

Endless cities

 When I stayed in China I became fascinated with the megalopolis cities that are everywhere around there. With names I never heard of, interchangeable with skyscrapers, old town, building blocks etc. Endless floating clouds of buildings. But somewhere hidden still a tiny bit of their own identity. China megalopolis is an unfinished project with print on layers of glass showing a visualisation of my experiences.

Contains: print
Size: 210 x 297 (A4)
Material: silkscreen
Year: 2016–ongoing
For sale → here



Het meest geloofde sprookje

Het meest geloofde sprookje/The most believed fairy tale is collaboration work with Anne-Marie Geurink. She worked on a fairy tale about our capitalistic money system. She did the story and research and asked me to create images based on her story. Which became a play of circles and patterns in red and blue PMS. Together we designed the book. The patterns on the inside of the pages are taken from security envelopes: the patterns protect the content like passwords, account numbers or other confidential financial information from prying eyes. Selected as Best Dutch Book 2015.

With: de Vormforensen
Contains: book, illustrations
Size: 220 x 325 x 9
Material: 2 pms offset print, foil
Year: 2015