Le Mini Who? (artwork) 2017


Music score

The free day part of the music festival Le Guess Who? The thriving neighbourhood around the Voorstraat (Utrecht,NL), is transformed into a downtown festival. It’s all unfamiliar and experimental bands. 

With: Dewy Eisinga (butterfingaz)
Contains: posters, banners, programm
Size: 148 x 105
Material: neon pms offset print

Vormforensen (book) 2015


Het meest geloofde sprookje

Het meest geloofde sprookje/The most believed fairy tale is collaboration work with Anne-Marie Geurink. She worked on a fairy tale about our capitalistic money system. She did the story and research and asked me to create images based on her story. Which became a play of circles and patterns in red and blue PMS. Together we designed the book. The patterns on the inside of the pages are taken from security envelopes: the patterns protect the content like passwords, account numbers or other confidential financial information from prying eyes. Selected as Best Dutch Book 2015.

With: de Vormforensen
Contains: book, illustrations
Size: 220 x 325 x 9
Material: 2 pms offset print, foil

China megalopolis (print, installation) 2016–ongoing

Endless cities

When I stayed in China I became fascinated with the megalopolis cities that are everywhere around there. With names I never heard of, interchangeable with skyscrapers, old town, building blocks etc. Endless floating clouds of buildings. But somewhere hidden still a tiny bit of their own identity. China megalopolis is an unfinished project with print on layers of glass showing a visualisation of my experiences.

Contains: print
Size: 210 x 297 (A4)
Material: silkscreen

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I tell my stories ... (print) 2015

... while colouring the white space

Poster about my position in graphic design: ‘I tell my stories while colouring the white space’. The poster is silkscreened in two layers of rainbow printing. With those colours going on top of each other a variety of colours appears. Type Poster Client Self-initiated Year 2016

Contains: poster
Size: 594 x 841 (A1)
Material: silkscreen

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