Desiré van den Berg


305 × 245 mm / offset print


'Entre' is a docufiction about the Entrepotbrug, a special building above the Borneohaven in Amsterdam East where photographer Desiré van den Berg has lived in recent years. The book contains five years of images: the winding building that has a retro-futuristic character through the round windows and spiral staircases, captured in all seasons, with the changing skies above, but also glimpses into the lives behind the outer walls through still lifes of interiors and portraits of her neighbours.

The book contains 114 photographs, interspersed with drawings by the architect, and notes by the photographer in Dutch describing the thought process surrounding the work over the years.

Project and photos: Désire van den Berg
Text: Rolien Zonneveld

Close-up photos: The Book Photographer

Cas Oorthuys

Verzetsmusem Amsterdam




Dutch photographer and resister Cas Oorthuys (1908–1975) takes hundreds of photos during the Second World War. This exhibition surveys his work and tells the resistance photographer’s story with the benefit of new historical research.

Photography is permitted in the Netherlands during the occupation until November 1944, although restrictions apply to military sites and objects. While Cas works legally for clients, he also photographs resisters and their activities. When a general ban on photography is announced in 1944, Cas carries on taking photos, clandestinely recording the famine of the so-called Hunger Winter. As Cas recalls after the war: “I suppose we never really discuss it (…) So many of our friends died. You lie awake thinking about it. That constant fear of the doorbell ringing, it never goes away.

The exhibition mixes their stories which relate to love, colonial heritage, migration for studies, and safety issues and shows how Amsterdam turned into a very diverse city in which people sometimes have much more in common in their history than you would think at first sight. 

Spatial design: Rogier Martens

Photos: Zindzi Zwietering

Manie Schaafijs

De Harmonie


170 × 240 mm / offset print


A childrens book about the great-grandfather, Francisco de Freitas, of Hedy Tjin (the illustrator of this book) who probabely was the first one to introduce shaved ice cream to Suriname. Zindzi Zevenbergen did write the story up and combined it with real historical facts and a bickering family who keeps interrupting the story because they all think they know the real story.

Illustrations: Hedy Tjin
Text: Zindzi Zevenbergen

A City Eating Itself



divers / divers


A City Eating Itself (in less than 10 minutes) is a design research & interactive storytelling project, made Affectlab, exploring the impact of on-demand delivery services on the social fabric of Amsterdam. With the rise of the platform economy, affect lab noticed a shift – from the city as a space for chance encounters and neighbourly interaction to a place of individualist consumption, catalysed by pandemic lock downs. A City Eating Itself focuses on one form of consumption: on-demand delivery services, known as flash delivery (flitsbezorging in Dutch).

Most photos: Anisa Xhomaqi