Le Mini Who? (artwork) 2017


Music score

The free day part of the music festival Le Guess Who? The thriving neighbourhood around the Voorstraat (Utrecht,NL), is transformed into a downtown festival. It’s all unfamiliar and experimental bands. 

With: Dewy Eisinga (butterfingaz)
Contains: posters, banners, programm
Size: 148 x 105
Material: neon pms offset print

Vormforensen (book) 2015


Het meest geloofde sprookje

Het meest geloofde sprookje/The most believed fairy tale is collaboration work with Anne-Marie Geurink. She worked on a fairy tale about our capitalistic money system. She did the story and research and asked me to create images based on her story. Which became a play of circles and patterns in red and blue PMS. Together we designed the book. The patterns on the inside of the pages are taken from security envelopes: the patterns protect the content like passwords, account numbers or other confidential financial information from prying eyes. Selected as Best Dutch Book 2015.

With: de Vormforensen
Contains: book, illustrations
Size: 220 x 325 x 9
Material: 2 pms offset print, foil

China megalopolis (print, installation) 2016–ongoing

Endless cities

When I stayed in China I became fascinated with the megalopolis cities that are everywhere around there. With names I never heard of, interchangeable with skyscrapers, old town, building blocks etc. Endless floating clouds of buildings. But somewhere hidden still a tiny bit of their own identity. China megalopolis is an unfinished project with print on layers of glass showing a visualisation of my experiences.

Contains: print
Size: 210 x 297 (A4)
Material: silkscreen

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I tell my stories ... (print) 2015

... while colouring the white space

Poster about my position in graphic design: ‘I tell my stories while colouring the white space’. The poster is silkscreened in two layers of rainbow printing. With those colours going on top of each other a variety of colours appears. Type Poster Client Self-initiated Year 2016

Contains: poster
Size: 594 x 841 (A1)
Material: silkscreen

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Expodium (book) 2016


Unmaking: or how to rethink urban narratives

Publication for Expodium. It is a book on the city as we perceive it; a place to rethink and reimagine the existing built environment. UNMAKING departs from a local area in the city of Utrecht: Werkspoorkwartier, a former industrial zone. This part of town is the departure point for contributions by artists, biologists, architects, thinkers of all sorts. They delivered drawings, speculative scenarios, photos, subjective atlases, essays and interviews.

Contains: book, promotion material
Size: 170 × 228 mm
Material: offset print