De Harmonie / Stichting IXL


280 × 190 mm / offset print


Lennox en de gouden sikkel is a book created to help explain and call for more attention on Sickle Cell Disease. This is a genetic blood disorder that affects the hemoglobin, the molecule in red blood cells that delivers oxygen to cells throughout the body. The cells are shaped like a sickle instead of the normal oval shape. This can cause lots of pain and sometimes even lead to defects of organs or death. Sickle Cell Disease affect mostly black people, since it is mutated to resist to malaria. Blood donations can help to reduce effects and damages. 

In this book Lennox is trying to bring a golden necklace to his father, who has to go to the hospital since he is suffering from the disease. By going on adventure he slowly learns more about what ‘Sickle Cell Disease’ actually means. 

Written by Zindzi Zevenbergen
Illustrations by Brian Elstak and Hedy Tjin