Das Mag


200 × 125, 210 × 135 mm / offset print


Series of books for publisher Das Mag:

We waren gewaarschuwd, (We were warned) by Jaap Tielbeke / Kitchen, by Banana Yoshimoto / Weerlicht, (Lightning) by Jante Wortel / De bomen, (The Trees) A.Alberts / Half leven (Half Life) Aya Sabi / Het mirakel van België, (The Miracle of Belgium) by Maarten Inghels / Non-fiction Kijkt u nog?, (Are You Still Watching?) by Arjen Fortuin / Tussentijds, (Inbetween Time) by Peter Zantingh / Overal zit mens, (People Are Everywhere) by Yves Petry (together with Frank August Martens based on an image found by Batia Suter). 

De gezichten, (The Faces) by Tove Ditlevsen / Maar dat mag je niet zeggen, (But you can not say that). Non-fiction by Nikki Sterkenburg. Picture by Robin Alysha Clemens / Het Personeel, (The Employees) Olga Ravn / Sanda Dia, by Pieter Huyeberechts / Noord-Korea zegt nooit sorry, (North-Korea never tells sorry) by Jeroen Visser / De nieuwe Koloniale leeslijst, (The new Colonial reading list). Non-fiction by Rasit Elibol, copublished with De Groene Amsterdammer.

Te Laat, (Late). Non-fiction by Vera Spaans / Ik weet je wachtwoord, (I Know Your Password). Non-fiction by Daniël Verlaan.