Anangsieh Tories

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135 × 190 mm / offset print


Four beautiful stories about the spider Anangsieh by Anton de Kom, author of the famous book 'Wij Slaven van Suriname'. Anton de Kom (1898-1945) is one of the most important voices in the anti-colonial movement of the 20th century. 'Freedom fighter, resistance hero, trade unionist, activist, state and exile' on the pedestal of his statue in Amsterdam. In the 1930s, De Kom was banned from Suriname. During the Second World War he was active in the Dutch resistance. He died in a German concentration camp on 24 April 1945. In 'Anangsieh tories' Anton de Kom gives his own twist to the fairytale stories about the slender, shrewd spider.

Illustrations: Brian Elstak
Illustration backside hardcover: Nola Hatterman