Research work

The sound of silence

This graduation project is about the sound of silence. Silence apparently has a positive effect on our physical and mental well-being. The experience of silence seems to be important to us. Where then, does this need for silence originate? What is its function, and how exactly does it influence us? Not only within society but also within graphic design, one can gain a lot from exercising more control over this notion. The clock shows the entire spectrum of types of silences, according to time elapsed, context, and effect.People had to stand and wait for the time of each type of silence to elapse, thereby creating a contemplative moment of stillness. I used my findings on silence to design an installation in the form of a clock, and made an accompanying book as a record of my research.

Contains: book, installation
Size: 235 × 177 mm
Material: stencil print, mixed media
Year: 2014